How to Prepare for GATE 2021


GATE is a popular entrance test for management and business colleges like IIM and other MBA/ PGDM universities in India. Lakhs of students take the GATE exams after their undergraduate course is complete, a majority being engineering students. It is also a gateway to lucrative PSU jobs with companies like ONGC, NTPC, BHEL recruiting candidates through this exam. The PSU jobs provide decent salary and amenities. Hence, it becomes a major attraction among youths.

All these benefits come at a price. The cut-off is very high, with students not getting selected on even a 99 percentile score. The competition is very tough in the GATE exam. Students get 99.97 percentile, not getting a call from the reputed IIMs. We have prepared some general GATE preparation guidelines that can help you in cracking the GATE 2021. 

GATE 2021 Preparation Tips:

  • Make a clear target: GATE 2021 has a maximum score of 100 and covers a vast syllabus. Any student willing to try for the management and business colleges should make a score target that they want to achieve. For example, suppose you get around 95. In that case, you have a very decent chance of landing the best management colleges with the rank. And when the target is clear, you can prepare for the exam in a more streamlined manner. There is also a provision of negative marking for every wrongly answered MCQ question.
  • Start early preparation: Early bird catches the worm, and it stands true for each of your incoming examinations. The exam is generally held in November, and hence your GATE preparation should start at the earliest. As you are in the pre-final year or on the verge of completing an undergraduate degree course, start the GATE preparation.
  • Read the GATE recommended books: You must read from the recommended books to prioritise your learning. Cut through the not so frequently asked part of the syllabus and focus on the topics that are prescribed by the GATE experts. It would help you to score good marks in the mains.
  • Check the GATE Syllabus: Knowing the GATE syllabus is the priority before starting the exam preparation. Once you are familiar with the GATE syllabus, you can make a suitable study plan to cover all the listed topics. Moreover, going through the syllabus gives you the roadmap for your GATE preparation process and helps get good marks.
  • Make a suitable study plan: Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, it is important to strike a balance between your studies and your day to day activities. Alongside allocating sufficient hours for each of the subject’s preparation, you should allow yourself time for proper rest, eating good food and even some entertainment like going out or playing your favorite games. You have to make a balance between reading new terms and topics and the revisions. Without one the other is incomplete, hence allot sufficient time for both.
  • Mock tests and practice papers: Mock tests and practice papers play a vital role in GATE preparation. They help you establish your stronghold on the question type and also to analyze your preparation. You can quickly correct the wrong answers if you know what mistakes you are making. Hence, it is recommended to solve at least the last five-years’ GATE examination papers and multiple mock tests. Regular practice will improve your efficiency and accuracy of the exam.


GATE 2021 is scheduled to be held in February 2021 and is one of India’s most popular exams. So make your timeline to cover the syllabus and start preparing accordingly. A good score in GATE is the gateway to a glorious career, be it getting admission in the MBA/ PGDM courses of top Indian colleges or a lucrative PSU job.

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