Hierarchy of Effect (HOE) model of Advertising

There are six steps or movements towards the purchase of a product or service. The first two, awareness to knowledge, fall in the cognitive sphere of related behavioral dimension. It deals with the realm of thoughts. Advertising here provides essential information and facts. These advertisements are announcements, descriptive slogans, jingles, and sky writing and teaser campaigns.

The next two steps in the movement towards purchase are liking and preference. These have been linked with the affective sphere, which is the realm of emotions wherein the
advertising changes attitudes and feelings. Advertisements falling in this category are: competitive advertisements, argumentative advertisements, advertisements with a strong rational message and image advertisements with status and glamour appeals.

The final two steps in the movement towards purchase are conviction and purchase. This is related to behavioral realm of motives. Here the advertisements stimulate or direct desires. Advertisements falling in this slot are: POP, retail store advertisements, last chance offers, price reduction appeals, testimonials, and prize scheme advertisements.

This is called Hierarchy of Effect (HOE) model.

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