Functions of controller

The controller performs the following functions:-

(1) Planning:- The controller prepares plan for controlling the business activities which are the main constituents of management and in which proper arrangement regarding profit planning, capital expenditure planning, sales forecasting and expenditure budgeting is made.

(2) Accounting:- Controller determines the accounting system and arrangements for costing and management accounting systems and prepares financial statements.

(3) Auditing:– Controller Manages internal auditing.

(4) Reports :- Controller prepares financial reports according to various needs and presents them to the managers. He advises the management to correct the deviation between the standard performance and actual performance.

(5) Government Reporting :- Controller sends essential information’s to the government by obeying the legal requirement.

(6) Tax Administration :- Controller prepares statement on tax liability.

(7) Economic Appraisal :- He determines and analyses the effect of economic and social factors on business.

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