Functions of an office

Even though offices vary in nature and type, they still perform the same functions.Office+Communication

Supports commerce, industry and public services by recording and providing information in the following ways:-

1. Providing information to other organization eg price list, quotations, financial information

2. Receiving and processing information from other organization

3. Receipts and payments to and from organizations, remuneration to employees

4. Providing information for internal use

5. Maintaining records for future reference

Activities of an office




Processing information

Storing information and data / efficient filing system

Presenting of information

The administrative assistants

Clerical workers’ job

Record information

Sort and file information

Supply and communicate information

Keep records/accounts by checking accuracy of all information


The prime purpose of an office is to collect and process relevant information, which is then stored and despatched to appropriate personnel.

Typical office activities include invoicing, purchasing, ordering and processing orders, preparation of accounting information and statistics, payroll etc

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