Five principal stages in creative process

(i) Saturation: The manager becomes very intimate with the problem and its environment.

(ii) Deliberation: A perfect knowledge of the environment and attendant data is essential for creativity.

(iii) Incubation: The subconscious activity precedes a fresh approach. The creative mind forms a pattern of the problem by combining the scattered data. Then the conscious mind shou1d be switched off from the problem and the subconscious mind is allowed to take over. The conscious mind is the seat of logic and the subconscious mind directs itself to problems, which are of interest to the conscious mind. When the conscious mind is relaxed the subconscious mind works to give some of the best ideas.

(iv) Illumination: Here an idea actually flashes across the mind of the decision-maker. Very often this happens while sitting in a cafeteria, driving a vehicle, strolling in a leisurely fashion or in some such state of relaxation.

(v) Accommodation:
The original idea is modified, reframed or polished and made to practical use.
The Creative Process: Reflections on the Invention in the Arts and Sciences
Creative process demands free exchange of ideas, application of imagination to problems, group understanding and lack of conditioned 20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=0520054539

Creative persons are gifted or can be trained. They have ideational fluency, high I.Q., open mindedness, uninhibited personality with a sensitivity and flexibility. He sets problems for himself and seeks their solutions. He is independent in thought and action.

Walter Mendes, Creative Director, Clarion says:

“I visualise an advertisement first before I write it. The test of all good advertising is that you should be able to see the end product.”

Once the final copies are made, a presentation is made before the client. These presentations should be structured, keeping the objective of the communication and the audience in view.

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