Factors which affect the efficiency of labor:

1. Inheritance: Persons from good collection are bound to work professionally. The quality and rate of physical as well as mental development, which is dissimilar in case of different individuals is the result of genetic differences.

2. Climate: Climatic location has a definite effect on the efficiency of the workers.

3. Health of worker: worker’s physical condition plays a very important part in performing the work. Good health means the sound mind, in the sound body.

4. General and technical education: education provides a definite impact n the working ability and efficiency of the worker.

5. Personal qualities: persons with dissimilar personal qualities bound to have definite differences in their behaviour and methods of working. The personal qualities influence the quality of work.

6. Wages: proper wages guarantees certain reasons in standard of living, such as cheerfulness, discipline etc. and keep workers satisfy. This provides incentive to work.

7. Hours of work: long and tiring hours of work exercise have bad effect on the competence of the workers.

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