Advantages of manpower planning

Manpower planning ensures optimum use of available human resources.

1. It is useful both for organization and nation.
2. It generates facilities to educate people in the organization.
3. It brings about fast economic developments.
4. It boosts the geographical mobility of labor.
5. It provides smooth working even after expansion of the organization.
6. It opens possibility for workers for future promotions, thus providing incentive.
7. It creates healthy atmosphere of encouragement and motivation in the
8. Training becomes effective.
9. It provides help for career development of the employees.

Manpower planning is a process of generating a plan, showing the demand for staffing over a period of time, based on assumptions bout productivity and costs associated with the employee. The supply of the resources available with in the hospital and the short falls, that may have to be supplemented from out side, are also estimated.

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