Company Marketing Programme

  1. Plant Location

  2. Company image

  3. Financial resources

  4. Personnel capabilities


Plant location plays very important role because if the plant is easily accessible market will easily be accessible. That means plant and market location coordinate with each other. Every recourses is available there and location even affects the prices. If the plant location is at very far distance then you have to bear logistic charges from plant location to your store for stock. And ultimately the cost of the product will increase as compared to your competitor and due to this difference of cost the price of the product of competitor will be low will have an edge over us.


Company image is key for any marketing activity. If the image of your company is not good you have to exert a lot and your minor problem will be a big hurdle in your dealings whereas if the image if the company is strong, minor problems will be negotiable. The other one is, if your image is not good then no bank will issue loan for your company and you will in financial problems. And in this situation you cannot run your business in long run. So if the company wants to stand in the market it must develop the good image first of all.


In the present business not a single movement is possible without money and the marketing activity is one if the most expensive activities in the business. Financial resources are very vital. if a company has not sufficient resources it will comprise on quality which obviously affects the marketing activity

If the company has sufficient resources then the company will never compromise on the quality and can increase the marketing activities which ultimately affect in increase of sales. Ultimately the importance of finance plays an important role in the setup of business. When you establish the business then you have to spend a lot of financial resources to build up the reputation, marketing and other factors.


Personnel capabilities can enhance the marketing activities as well as flop all. It is on the Personnel Manager that how he uses his people. If he trains his people through latest techniques and use the right people at the right spot and at right time then marketing activities will be productive for the organization, otherwise, it will create problems for the organization.

Every person heading a department should be specialized of his assigned field. Academic background should be supplemented by technical know-how and professional experience.

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