For Communication , ability and skills are required:

  • must be able to communicate effectively with all levels of managements .
  • Must have substantial experiences, training in oral and written communication and demonstrate good writing skills.
  • Be able to prepare special analysis, research reports, and proposals.
  • Must have ability to communicate and sell ideas, firm, and products.
  • Need ability to compare effective correspondence .
  • Must be able to cultivate and maintain good customer relationship.
  • Need skills in gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data and in writing analytical reports.


Encoding is dressing your thoughts with the meaningful language. Then the use of this language, oral, written or nonverbal, becomes a message . The wording of he message should observe the art of empathy so that it reaches the receiver correctly and understandably. Encoding includes writing, speaking, and other communication means.


Decoding is done by the receiver. His decoding of the message depends upon his past background, perception, knowledge of the language, understanding ,viewpoint and relations with the sender. Decoding is reading , listening and understanding .


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