1 .Internal communication

  • Horizontal / crosswise communication
  • Downward communication
  • Upward communication

2. External communication.

1. Internal communication :

When communication flows from one person or part to the other within an organization is called internal communication. It has following channels or kinds :

a. Horizontal / crosswise communication :

Its between personnel in one department and personnel of equal , lower or superior status in other department . It facilitates subordinates to keep their superiors informed of their interdepartmental activities.

b. Download communication :

It flows from superior to subordinates ,it is refer to as download communication. Subordinate gets the information , guidelines , orders , advice and the Manager gives them to subordinate. Employees can have understanding of organization goals , policies and products . Boss – subordinate relation is improved .

c. Upward communication:

It flows from subordinates to superiors . It includes daily reports , sales reports , explanations , reviews , summaries , statements and comments.

2. External communication:

  • It is inter company communication
  • Well – worded letters , reports , and proposals improve business relations
  • Oral communication is also used
  • Disgruntled customers are satisfied
  • New customers are discovered
  • New dimensions and depths of the market are exploited
  • It improves goodwill , public image , safety , productivity , profits and public credibility.

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