Advertising objectives

To inform

  • Telling the market about a new product.
  • Describing available services
  • Suggesting new uses for a product.
  • Correcting false impressions.
  • Informing the market of a price change.
  • Reducing buyers’ fears.
  • Explaining how the product works.
  • Building a company image.

To persuade

  • Building brand preference.
  • Persuading buyers to purchase now.
  • Encouraging switching to your brand.
  • Persuading buyers to receive a sales call.
  • Changing buyer perception of product attributes.

To remind

  • Reminding buyers that the product may be needed in the near future.
  • Keeping the product in buyers’ minds during off seasons.
  • Reminding buyers where to buy the product.
  • Maintaining top-of-mind product awareness.

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