5 Business Design Lessons Learned

Effective business design and execution depends on how managers use technology to deliver services faster, cheaper and with better quality than their competitors. Following is a review of lessons learned from e-business design:-

  1. Be customer focused
  • To accomplish this, innovative companies are using the Web and the Internet to build interactive relationships between prospects, customers, resellers, employees and suppliers.
  • Value creation is a continuous process
    • A business that is currently being successful should not become complacent, move too slowly, incorrectly anticipate competitor’s moves, or miss strategic opportunities. They should work to continuously improve and create new values by providing new features and services in the product.
  • Transform businesses processes into digital form
    • In an e-business organization, all information must be available in digital form. Digital information is more efficient to create and maintain because each item is entered only once. Moreover, the digital information can be analyzed creatively, searched quickly, updated easily and shared broadly.
  • Decentralize management but centralize coordination
    • Integration efforts should concentrate on coordinating independent departments and try to control every thing from one point. IT calls for breaking up large applications into smaller pieces that each have defined responsibilities and can communicate with one another using a common language.
  • Integrate but plan for continuous growth and change
    • Integration efforts must work with the prospect of continuous change and should try to maximize the value they derive from their technology investment.

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