What is motivation?

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  • Most critical components of learning
  • Most difficult to measure
  • All students are motivated. The question is: Motivated to do what?
  • Internal process that activates, guides, and maintains behavior over time
    Vary in both intensity and direction

  • The intensity and direction of motivations are often difficult to separate
  • Important in getting students to engage in academic activities
  • Also important in determining how much students will learn from the activities they perform or the information to which they are exposed
  • Students who are motivated to learn something use higher cognitive processes in learning about it
  • Motivation can be a personality characteristic; individuals might have lasting, stable interests in participating in such broad categories of activities as academics, sports, or social activities
  • The cycle of motivation…

o Need (lack)

o Drive (due to tension)

o Behavior (goal-directed)

o Satisfaction (release of tension)

* The cycle goes on and on…never ending…!!!

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