What is Advertising?

To Communicate, to Persuade, to Influence and to Lead to some action is what advertising is all about. Human nature and advertising are closely related. A man who wears shirt-trouser instead of dhoti is advertising that he is westernised; a woman who wears a lipstick wants to advertise that she wants to look beautiful; a boy who rides a beautiful bike wants to advertise that he wants to be noticed. So we see that people want to notice for anything that they do. That is what advertising does. It pulls people towards the product like the flowers attracts the bees towards it.
Advertising is a career for many. I am sure you might want to make it a career. It is getting professionalized. Competition, growing marketing expenses, product failures, liberalization, globalization and the emergence of new electronic media has given an impetus to advertising activity.

You must understand however that advertising is a communication process. You have a certain message and that is ‘Decoded’ by a party (Sender) to be ‘Encoded’ by another (Receiver). We must understand that the message so encoded should be so clear that the person should not distort the meaning of it. This means that what you are trying to say and what the other person makes out of the message should be the same. You should not make the other party confused. So it means that the message should:

1. Gain attention of the receiver.
2. Be understood.
3. Be able to stimulate the receiver and suggest appropriate method to satisfy their needs.

So the sender must know his receivers or the audience and the kind of response they are likely to elicit. This response he can get by maintaining a proper feedback mechanism. The feedback can also have some “Noise elements”. These could be poor message planning, busy audience members or careless feedback of response.

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