What is advertisement

The world is filled with advertisements. Different media are used in advertising. For example, radio commercials get millions of teenagers to shop for products made exclusively for them. Magazine ads showing models dressed in the latest style persuade women and men to buy new clothes in order to remain fashionable.

Some advertisement is essential. Without it consumers would be unaware of goods and services available and their choices would be restricted. It is also necessary to inform consumers of the availability and features of new products as they become available. Economists refer to this advertising as informative advertising and its importance is seen in the fact that the government spends very large sums in this type of advertising.

In developing advertising strategies, marketers must consider the best advertising medium of their message. IBM, for example, uses television ads to keep its name fresh in consumers’ minds. But it uses newspaper and magazine ads to educate consumers on the product’s abilities and trade publications to introduce new software.

Each advertising medium serves a different purpose. However, critics of advertising argue that much advertising is merely persuasive and does not add to consumer’s knowledge of the market. Moreover, exaggerated claims can mislead the consumer.

So what is advertisement? Advertisement is the non-personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media.

I. Variety

  • Target consumer:

Consumer Advertising

Business Advertising

  • Area

International Advertising

National Advertising

Regional Advertising

Local Advertising

  • Medium

Print Advertising

Electronic Advertising

Out-of-home Advertising

Direct-mail Advertising

  • Function

Product vs. Non-product Advertising

Commercial vs. Noncommercial Advertising

Direct vs. Non-direct Advertising

II. Component

    • Headline – Catch Phrase – Theme

    • Text – Body — Slogan