What features of MS-power point make it most suitable for presentation show?

Powerpoint is a full-featured presentation program that is used by many of peoples around the world. Powerpoint is used to design presentations for a variety of mediums including computer based display shows, overhead projection transparencies and 35 mm slides.We can add sound and animations to our slides to achieve a high level of impact.

Powerpoint gives us the ability to prepare paper based presentations and handouts for the presentation.We can package and distribute our presentations with a power point viewer.

So,by all these features it will make power point best suited for a presentation show.

PowerPoint is the component of Microsoft Office that is used to create professional- quality presentations. A presentation is a structured delivery of information. These can be reproduced on transparency, paper, on-screen presentations. PowerPoint components can be used to work on slides, organize presentation contents with outlines, and generate speaker notes and audience handouts. Teachers, professors, politicians, and sales representatives make presentations to sell their concepts.

PowerPoint helps you to structure the ideas and information that you want to convey to your audience. It allows you to create the contents of your presentation by

  1. Typing the text and inserting pictures, sounds and animations.

  2. You can add visual images, supporting documents.

  3. Add audio recordings to enhance your presentation.

  4. PowerPoint makes the creation of any presentation simple by providing you with built – in professional design called AutoLayouts and presentations templates.

  5. You can also create different versions of a presentation for different audiences and build your contents in either a text – based outline view or a design – based slide view.

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