What do we measure when we measure?

What can we measure about the

four objects listed below:

  1. Laundry Detergent

  2. Employees

  3. Job Satisfaction

  4. Factory Output


Laundry Detergent:

(1) What is the perception of our brand among people?

(2) How do people find the price of our brand compared to those of others?

(3) Does our brand leave any smell?

  1. To what extent our brand cleans dirty clothes?

  2. What type of stains our brand is unable to clean?

  3. What rating people assign to our brand among all the brands?


(1) What is the number of employees who earn more than Rs. 15,000

  1. What is the span of control of a lower level supervisor?

  2. How many employees are graduates?

  3. What is the percentage of absenteeism in each management level ?

Job Satisfaction:

(1) Are employees satisfied with their jobs?

  1. Do employees like routine work or job rotation?

  2. How do employees acknowledge the fringe benefits they are receiving?

  3. What is the turnover rate?

Factory Output:

(1) What is the level of productivity per labor / labour hour?

  1. How does productivity change with respect to day and night shifts?

  2. What has been growth rate for last five years?

  3. What is the percentage of wastage?

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