Various factors for establishing pay rates

  1. These should be definite plan to ensure that differences in pay for jobs are based upon variations in job requirements. Such as skill, effort, responsibility or job or working conditions and mental and physical requirements.
  2. The general level of wages and salaries should be reasonably in line with that prevailing in labour market.
  3. The plan should carefully distinguish between jobs and employee. A job carries a A certain wage rate and a person is assigned to fill it at that rate. Exceptions sometimes occur in very high level jobs in which the job holder may make the job large or small, depending upon his ability and contributions.
  4. Equal pay for equal work i.e. if two jobs have equal difficulty requirements, the Pay should be the same, regardless of who bills them.
  5. An equitable practice should be adopted for the recognition of individual differences in ability and contribution. For some units this may take the form of rate ranges, with in grade increases; in other this may take form of closely integrated sequences of job promotion.
  6. The should be a clearly established procedures for hearing and adjusting with the regular grievance procedure if it exits.
  7. The employees should be informed about the procedures used to establish wage rates. Every employee should be informed of his position and of the wage and salary structure. Secrecy in wage matters should not be used as a cover up for haphazard and unreasonable wage programme.
  8. The wage should be sufficient to ensure for the worker and his family reasonable Standard of living. Workers should receive a guaranteed minimum wage to protect them against conditions beyond their contract.
  9. The wage and salary structure should be flexible so that changing conditions can Be easily met.
  10. The wage and salary payments must fulfil a wide variety of human needs, Including the need for self actualization. It has been recognized that money is the only form of incentive which is wholly negotiable, appealing to widest range of seekers. Monetary payments of ten out as motivators and satisfiers interdependently of other job factors.

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