Types of Communications

There are three types of communication.

  1. Internal Communication.

  2. External Communication.

  3. Interpersonal communication.

  1. Internal Communication.

When an organization communication in side the organization this types of communication is called internal communication.

There are three types of internal communication.

  1. Upward Communication.

  2. Downward Communication.

  3. Lateral Communication.

  1. Upward Communication.

Flow of documentation upward direction from sender to reviver inside the organization is called upward communication. E.g staff communicates with his management.

  1. Downward Communication.

Flow of documentation downward direction from sender to receiver inside the organization is called downward communication. E.g Management communication with there employees.

  1. Lateral Communication.

Means transfer for or sharing of information between co. Equal Authorities or in the same agencies in side the same organization is called lateral communication.

  1. External Communication:

When an organization communication out side the organization this types of communication is called external communication it is also called public relationship the excellent Example of external communication is advertising.

  1. Interpersonal Communication:-

Way of interpersonal communication is called the informal communication in which different individual’s communication to each others examples. Interests groups friendship groups.

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