The Nine Tasks of a Professional Manager

Tasks of professional managers:

1. Providing direction to the firm:
Envisioning goal is the first task that should never be delegated.

2. Managing survival and growth.
There are two sets: internal and external.

  • Internal factors are choice of technology, efficiency of labour, competency of managerial staff, company image, financial resources etc.
  • External factors are govt. policy, laws and regulation, changing customer taste, attitude and values, increasing competition etc.

3. Maintaining firm’s efficiency:
A manager has not only to perform and produce results, but to do so in the most efficient manner. The more output a manager can produce with the same input, the greater will be the profit.

4.Meeting the competition challenge:
A manager must anticipate and prepare for the increasing competition. Competition increasing in terms of more producers, products, better quality etc.

To finding new and better way to doing any task

Managers are responsible for fostering the process of has to do with provoding new process and resources.

7. Building human organization:
A good worker is a valuable assets of any company. Every manager must constantly lookout for people with potential and attract them to join the company.

8. Change management:
A manager has to perform the task of change agent.its the managers task to ensure that the change is introduced and incorporated in a smooth manner with the least disturbance and resistance.

Today’s managers are faced with a bewildering array of information technology choices that promise to change the way work gets done.

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