The most important copy element is the headline idea


If the headline idea fails to attract the prospect to the message and the product, the remaining parts of the ad are wasted. The ad copy may be a word-message, or it may have pictures with a short message or a slogan. The words and pictures should be complementary to each other. However, since pictures get better attention than the words in the headline above or below the picture, we invariably have ads in print with picture, sketches, illustrations and visual symbols. Moreover, a dramatic or provocative picture or photograph can effectively create an emotional or tragic scene, and thus become a good grabber of the prospects’ attention. Many copywriters use both pictures and words to put across their creative ideas.

A perfectly worded headline can create the required excitement, a sensational” scene most appealing to prospects. Headlines may be in many forms – they may be questions, news flashes, and statements from celebrities, warnings and appeals. There is no right or wrong length or form for an effective headline. Each headline must relate clearly and specifically to the intended audience and to the rest of the advertisement, highlighting the product features and its USP.

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