The Advertising Manager

The Product Manager's Desk ReferenceThe advertising manager usually works under the marketing manager for effective advertising. However, in some organizations, he may function directly under the higher management. Whatever may be the hierarchical ir?t=vishaalslair 20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=0071591346levels, the advertising programmes should be in conformity with ~total marl planning. Product managers and brand managers have also to co-ordinate with the advertising department for appropriate advertising efforts, so that a particular product or brand may receive adequate promotional support. The hiring of an advertising agency is a function of the advertising manager. If the agency has to be changed, the advertising manager to that effect makes the recommendation to the higher management.

In a large corporation, the advertising staff is employed for different product/brand like Product or brand managers develop the advertising and promotion needs of their products or brand! Similarly, sales managers determine the kind of advertising support they need for sales, and distribution managers inform it of the advertising support they require. A manager, who is known as the advertising manager, coordinates all these requirements. He sets the advertising objectives al communicates them to the agency. In a typical, large-size organization, the advertising manager reports to the vice-president in charge of advertising, sales promotion, publicity and public relation with a view to determining an effective total promotion mix. The advertising manager and  department work closely with the agency in the preparation of the ad budget, the media schedule the creation of individual ads and the schedule of their release. Very large organizations may hire services of more than one ad agency to cater to the varying nature of their advertising jobs.

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