Techniques of Coordination

Coordination Team work meetings

By the following techniques the manager can achieve coordination:

1. Supervisor

He should ensure that his subordinates and their work are related with other individuals and groups.

2. Organization

Good organization itself is a good device to accomplish coordination. Good organization means proper grouping of activities, clearly defined jobs and duties, clear-cut delegation of authority, distinct correlation between different divisions, and a well directed system of responsibilities.

3. Written Communication

Written Communication is very useful and effective to achieve coordination. Written Communication includes letter, memos, reports, bulletins, policies, procedures, programs, and other plans.

4. Group meetings

Group meetings are conscious efforts to accomplish a high quality of coordination. Its purpose is to facilitating unification and relating the efforts of various groups and departments.

5. Liaison Officer

Like supervisor, liaison officer is a good medium for achieving coordination. A liaison officer is appointed to unify departmental and group activities. He keeps in touch with all departments and convey necessary information to them.

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