Survey research

Survey research is the approach best suited for gathering descriptive information. surveys are suited for descriptive research. A company that wants to know about people’s knowledge, attitudes, preferences, or buying behavior can often find out by asking individuals directly.

Survey research is the most widely used method for primary data collection, and it is often the only method used in a research study. Researchers interview tens of millions of Americans each year in surveys. The major advantage of survey research is its flexibility. It can be used to obtain many different kinds of information in many different situations. Depending on the survey design, it also may provide information more quickly and at lower cost than observational or experimental research.

However, survey research also presents some problems.

  • Sometimes people are unable to answer survey questions because they cannot remember or have never thought about what they do and why.

  • People may be unwilling to respond to unknown interviewers or about things they consider private.

  • Respondents may answer survey questions even when they do not know the answer in order to appear smarter or more informed.

  • They may try to help the interviewer by giving pleasing answers.

  • Finally, busy people may not take the time, or they might resent the intrusion into their privacy.

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