Stock Control – application and evaluation

When a stock control situation is presented in an examination, it is likely to be in the context of a business that is facing change.

Candidates need to interpret and apply stock control principles to the particular situation, and make practical suggestions to help address the question.

Examples might include:

  • A business that is growing will need to review its re-order and buffer stock levels, and the frequency and size of orders
  • Look out for seasonality in a business; larger or more frequent orders may be needed in busy times
  • If the supplier is having trouble supplying goods on time, the firm might need to re-order at an earlier point (or seek a new supplier!)
  • Does the firm have a back-up supplier in case of delays?
  • Could small additional orders be made with a supplier as a stop gap if the firm’s stock runs out suddenly? 

Note – these orders would be more expensive because of extra transport costs and lower discount level

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