(Securities and Exchange Board of India)

The SEBI was constituted in 1988 by a resolution of Government of India & it was made a Statutory body by the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act 1992.


Section 4 of the Act lays down the constitution of the management of SEBI. The Board of members of SEBI shall consist of a chairman, two members from amongst the officials of the Ministeries of the Central Government dealing with finance and law, one member from amongst the officials of Reserve Bank of India, 2 other members to be appointed by the Central Government, who shall be professionals & interalia have experience or special knowledge relating to securitia market.


To Protect the Interest of investors in securities & to promote the developments of and to regulate, the securities market for matters, connected there with or incidental there with.

Powers and Functions:-

These measures provide for:-

  1. Regulating the business in stock exchange & any other securities market.

  2. Registered and regulating the working of collective investment schemes, including mutual funds.

  3. Promoting and regulating self-regulatory organizations.

  4. Promoting & regulating self-regulatory organizations. Prohibiting fraudulent & on fair trade practices in securities market.

  5. Promoting investors education & training of intermediaries in securities market.

  6. Promoting investor education & training of intermediaries in securities market.

  7. Prohibiting insider trading in securities.

  8. Regulating substantial acquisition of shares and take-over of companies.

  9. Calling far information from, undertaking inspection, conducting enquiries and audits of the stock exchange & intermediaries & self-regulatory organizations in the securities market.

  10. Performing such functions & exercising such power under the provision of the capital issues (control) Act, 1947, (Subsequently repeated) and Securities Contracts (Regulations) Act. 1956 as may be delegated to it by the Central Government.

  11. Levying fees or other charges for carrying out the purposes of section 11 of the Act.

  12. Conducting research for the above purpose.

  13. Performing such other functions as may be presented by the government.

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