The DBA ( Database Administrator ) creates the database schema by a set of definitions, that is, translated by the DDL compiler, i.e. stored permanently in the Data dictionary.

The description of a database is called the database Schema, which is specified during database design.

The three-schema architecture is to separate the user applications and the physical database :

  1. The Internal level has an Internal schema , which describes of the database .The internal schema uses a Physical data model.
  2. The conceptual level has a conceptual schema, which describes the structure of the whole database for a community of a user. A high-level data model or an implementation data model can be used at this level .
  3. The External or View level includes a number of External schemas or User views . Each External schema describes the part of database that a particular user group is interested in and hides the rest of the database from the user group .

For example : A schema for a Student and a Course are



Student number




Course name

Course number

Credit hours


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