Reminder, point-of-Purchase and Specialist Advertising

Reminder ads serve to stimulate immediate purchase and/or use to counter the inroads of competitors. It is basically reminding the consumer about its existence. ‘Shelf talkers’ or point of purchase materials placed in stores at or near the place where the brand is on display. You might have seen sachets of shampoos hanging right in front of the shop and they hit you on the face that could be taken as point of purchase material. Here the product itself acts as the material. Top of the mind awareness is the basis of the reminder and point of purchase material. Specialist advertising is useful in circumstances when certain free products like diaries, pens and calendars bearing the name of the manufacturer are given to the consumers for greater brand awareness. Pepsi and Coca Cola often paint the entire shop with their logo, this is to remind the consumer of their existence in that area.

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