Public relations (PR)

Public relations is define as a variety of programmed designed to improve, maintain or protect a company or product image.

PR department perform the following five activities-

  1. Press Relation:- The aim of pres relations is to place newsworthy information into the news media to attract the attention to a person product or service.

  2. Corporate communication:- This activity covers internal and external communications and promotes understanding of the organization.

  3. Product publicity:- Product publicity involves various efforts to publicize products.

  4. Lobbying:- lobbying involves dealing with legislators and government officials to promote or defeat legislation and regulation.

  5. Counseling:- Counseling involves advising management about public issues and company position and image.

The appeal of public relations is based on its three different qualities-

  1. High creditability:- News stories and features seem more authentic and credible to readers then ads to.

  2. Off guard:– PR can reach many prospects who might avoid sales people and advertisements. The message gets to the buyer as news rather then as sales directed communication.

  3. Dramatization:-PR has, like advertising, a potential for dramatizing a company or product.

Marketing PR can contribute to the following tasks:-

  1. Assist in the launch of new product

  2. Assist in repositioning a mature product

  3. Build up interest in product category

  4. Influence specific target groups

  5. Defend products have encountered public problem

  6. Build the corporate image on its products.

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