Public Relation Tools: Presentations

A presentation is akin to a press conference. Depending on your line of business, you may be asked to speak in front of a group of your peers, clients, or to a club such as the Kiwanis or Rotary. The goal is to be general, informative, anecdotal, and use as many attention-catching devices as possib Presentations - Effective PR Toolsle. Maybe you have a company video or film you can screen, or possibly some of the company’s ads. The presentation is basically a broader form of the press conference, which is usually focused on one event or announcement. Think of the presentation as a quick summary of everything you do and offer, and a listing of your accomplishments.

As with the other promotion tools, in considering then and how to use product public relations, management should set PR objectives, choose the PR messages and vehicles, implement the PR plan, and evaluate the results. The firm’s public relations should be blended smoothly with other promotion activities within the company’s overall integrated marketing communications effort.

PR is all about ‘connecting people’; so the more divergent your thinking is the better are your chances of developing a mark for your campaign or organization.

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