Products can be classified as

Asmi Diamonds

  • Products
  • Products for direct consumption.
    • Consumer durables
    • Consumer non durables

In the case of consumer advertising the following points should be taken into consideration:

1. Most of them are in competitive field and engaged in advertising.
2. Non-durables are frequently bought.
3. Non-durables are appliances, which serve for a long period of time.
4. Both rational as well as emotional appeals are used.
5. Use of celebrity endorsement is heavy.
6. Major chunk of advertising business.

Whereas the salient points to be remembered in the case of industrial advertising are:

1. Smaller percentage as compared to consumer advertising.
2. Elaborate buying process is involved.
3. Main objectives of this class is to Inform, get Orders, to stimulate queries, to empanel the marketer’s name on the buyer’s panel of sources.
4. Trade journals and lay press are the most sought after media vehicles.
5. Seeks to build the corporate image.
6. Rational appeal is used here. The copy gives facts and figures.

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