Principles and guidelines

To meet evaluation criteria, a performance appraisal must be:

1. Developed within the framework of the institution’s written policies.

2. Based on expectations as stated in the job description for the position.

3. Written and presented by the evaluator who has:

– been oriented to these guidelines for performance evaluation and to the method of evaluation used in the particular institution.

-made actual and frequent observations of the performance of the evaluatee

-been involved in the evaluatee’s growth and development.

4. Prepared prior to and presented in an evaluation conference which must be conducted by the person writing the evaluation. The conference must be conducted on a planned basis with foreknowledge of the evaluatee as to time and place.

5. Prepared and presented prior to completion of the first ninety days, no less than annually thereafter and if possible at termination of employment.

6. Presented with the understanding that:

– The evaluatee has been oriented to these guidelines for performance evaluation and to the method of evaluation used in the particular institution.

– The evaluatee has the responsibility to participate in the evaluation conference by mutually planning with the evaluator, personal and professional goals for further development.

-the evaluatee may comment in writing on the evaluation form

7. Signed and dated by both the evaluator and evaluatee to signify that the evaluation has been reviewed in conference.

8. Reviewed, dated and signed by a member of management in line authority above the evaluator

9. The employee shall be given a copy of the reviewed, dated and signed evaluation upon request.

10. If a permanent employee shall receive an evaluation that indicates unsatisfactory

Performance in some areas of practice, the employee will have a reasonable opportunity to improve and then another evaluation will be prepared and presented ans above, to indicate any change in performance, unless there is a clear and present dangerif the employee remains in his regular assignment.

Principles of performance evaluation

  1. Assess performance in realtion to behaviourally state work goals

  2. Observe a representative sample of employee’s total work activities

  3. Compare supervisors evaluation with employees self evaluation

  4. Cite specific examples of satisfactory and unsatisfactory performance

  5. Indicate which job areas have highest priority for improvement

  6. Evaluation conference should be help in good atmosphere

  7. The purpose of evaluation is to improve work performance and job satisfaction.

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