Performance Appraisal tools

Performance evaluations are not same as competence assessments – JCAHO.

A competence assessment evaluates whether an individual has the knowledge, education, skill experience and proficiency to perform assigned responsibilities; a performance evaluation assess how well an individual actually performs.

The commonly used appraisal tools are

i. Trait rating scales: Rates an individual against some standard.

ii. Job dimension scales: Rates the performance on job requirement.

iii. Behaviour anchored rating scales. Rates desired job expectations on a scale of importance to the position.

iv. Checklists: Rates the performance against a set list of desirable job behaviours.

v. Essays: a narrative appraisal of job performance

vi. Self appraisals: An appraisal of performance by the employee.

vii. Management by objectives: Employee and management agree upon goals of performance to be reached.

viii. Peer review: Assessment of work performance carried out by peers.

Who should do appraisal?

  1. Immediate supervisor

  2. Peer appraisal

  3. Rating committee

  4. Appraisal by Subordinates

  5. Self appraisal