Marketing, Design and Marketing Objectives

As we have seen, the message is an idea. Along with perhaps other relevant information – attitudes, image etc. meant for the intended target.

The audience sets the agenda of marketing objectives. The objectives tend to vary with audience. When we communicate with consumers, the objectives could be:

  1. Passing on information
  2. Create brand awareness
  3. Incite them to act, i.e., to purchase the product
  4. Confirm the legitimacy of their choice after the purchase is made.

The objectives when we communicate with the trade could be:

1. To induce them to stock the product
2. To push the product on- the-counter
3. To provide strategic shelf-space to the product.

The objectives when we communicate with manufactures could be:

1. To make them buy our raw material
2. To convince them about rational product benefits
3. To convince them about cost aspects.

The messages are designed keeping the marketing objectives in mind. The consumer profile in terms of their education, interests, experience also has a bearing on message design. The consumers must understand the message.

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