Marketing channel functions

  1. Information:- the collection and dissemination of persuasiv communications about potential and current .customers, competitors and other actors and forces in the marketing environment.

  1. Promotion:- the development and dissemination of persuasive communication about the offer designed to attract customers.

  1. Negotiation:- the attempt to reach find agreement on price and other terms so that transfer of ownership or possession can be affected

  1. Ordering:- the backward communication of intentions to buy the marketing channel members to the manufacturers.

  1. Financing:- the acquisition and allocation of funds required to finance Inventories at different levels of the marketing channel.

  1. Risk taking:- the assumptions if risks connected with carrying out the channel work.
  2. physical possession:- the successive storage and movement of the physical products from raw materials to final customers.
  3. Payment:- buyers paying their bills through banks and other financial Institutions to the sellers.
  4. Title:- the actual transfer of ownership from one organization or person to Another.

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