Consumer Trends

  1. Speed of Service

  2. Self-Service

  3. Integrated Solutions, not piecemeal products

Service /Process Trends

  1. Convergence of Sales and Service: Customization and Integration

  2. Ease of use: Make Service Consistent and Reliable

  3. Flexible Fulfillment and Convenient Service Delivery: Streamline your supply chain

Organizational Trends

  1. Contract Manufacturing: Becoming Brand Intensive

  2. Retain the Core, outsource the rest: BPO

  3. Increasing Process Transparency and Visibility

    Enterprise Technology Trends

  1. Enterprise applications: Connect the corporation

  2. Infrastructure convergence: Increasing melding of voice, data and video

  3. Multichannel Integration: Computer telephony integration and voice recognition Wireless applications enter the mainstream

  4. Leveraging legacy Investments: The rise of middleware for application integration

Increase Speed of Service: For the Customer, Time is Money

Customers count speed of service as a key reason why they do business with certain companies. They hate delays and waiting for service and look for companies that serve them faster. This is evident from the success of drive-through oil changes, drive-through fast food and other quick turnaround businesses. We can also look at new trends in online car purchasing and home financing.

Therefore, in order to succeed, companies must reduce.

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