Major Public Relations Tools

Public relations professionals use several tools. One of the major tools is news. PR professionals find of create favourable news about the company and its products or people. Sometimes news stories occur naturally, and sometimes the PR person can suggest events or activities that would create news speeches can also create product and company publicity. Increasingly, company executives must field questions from the media or give talks at trade associations or sales meetings, and these events can either build or hurt the company’s image.

Another common PR tool is special events, ranging from news conferences, press tours, grand openings, and fireworks displays to laser shows, hot air balloon releases, multimedia presentations and star-studded spectaculars, and educational programs designed to reach and interest target public. Recently, mobile marketing-travelling promotional tours that bring the brand to consumers-has emerged as an effective way to build one-to-one relationships with targeted consumers.

Public relations people also prepare written materials to reach and influence their target market. These materials include annual reports, brochures, articles, and company newsletters and magazines. Audiovisual materials, such as films, slide-and-sound programs, and video-and audio cassettes, are being used increasingly as communication tools. Corporate identity materials can also help create a corporate identity that the public immediately recognizes. Logos, stationery, brochures, signs, business forms, business cards, buildings, uniforms, and company cars and trucks-all become marketing tools when they are attractive, distinctive, and memorable. Finally, companies can improve public goodwill by contributing money and time to public service activities.

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