There are four main function s management.

  1. PLANNING (To know about the purpose and destination. How to get the desire purpose and why should be clear, which is called planning. It is done by the top management but at each level of management some part of planning / involved.

  2. ORGANIZATION (To adopt the process and structure about the planning in a better way by people is called organizing. It is arrangement of peoples and resources to achieve the desired goals.

  3. Controlling (to ensure about all the above factors are going properly and the desired goals are achieving if there is any error is found, the controlling is operated with some extend.)

  4. LEADER SHIP There is important quality of successful manager which is combination of by birth and child hood. Education as well as technical skills The managers should be leadership skilled which enhance in quality by various kinds as Personality neat & clean career, good knowledge telling and writing power , decision power , public dealing , problem solving approach, leading attitude in a mind, but friendly and brother attitude in practice , use of resources effective, minimize the waste and ___________ the .


In any organization the main objection is to minimize the profit in spite of other values. But the real organization need to concern with social value and social needs of society by surrendering the some share of profit. It is because of social needs or values of society e.g If in a society some items are not allowed so that it should be avoid to produce rather than concept of organization _________. If in a society some item are needed once in year firm should provide so that it shall be closer to society and goes to long run profit.


The method in which a firm use the special education training and skills about the management and go through it is called management as technology. Because almost all the internal problems of organization may be solved through techniques of management so we can say the management as technology technological awareness to minimize the waste statistical analysis and computer science are essential.


A the single person have its own personality through which he is appreciated or rejected or known similarly the personality of organization is management culture. How the organization behavior impression and imagine called the management culture e.g good / neat and clean clean organization versus poor / dirty and lose organization.


In an organization when proper rules directives discipline, authorizes and responsibilities are given then the management comes on institutional level where the management goes through hard and fast rule and managed very perfect and result oriented.


The committee is —— for some special task within specific time period and special powers. The management of committee exercise such type of special powers authorities and hierarchy is called committee management. This management has special and temporary title of name power and facilities which automatically finished by the completion of task.


This type of management is involve in a production based organizations where organization object is maximize the output. This mean a certain technical skills of management are required which use to maximize the production and minimize the waste , so the kind of management do in this way called production management.


Sales Management is a part of broader filed of marketing or we can say that it is part of the field of management which concerns its self with the managerial aspects of marketing. Major parts of SALES MANAGEMENT.

  1. Functions of Sales management

  2. Planning and execution

  3. Planning consists or research and evaluation of organization goals or targets.

  4. Execution deals with assignment and __________ of work force and made good communication classification of sales management.

Management sale and service personal.


The role of finance is very important in an organization so to resolve the financial matters effectively by the management. Important factors of financial management.

  1. Interest Role
  2. Planning Difficulties
  3. Demand of Capital
  4. business and individual in with
  5. Accounting Problem
  6. Time & risk management
  7. Cash flow v/s earning
  8. The capital market
  9. Primary & Secondary market

Financial management may help to serve and secure the interest of organization in field of finance.