Limitations /Weakness /Disadvantages of MBO

Unfavorable attitude of Managers.

Some manager have an attitude that the regular attenuation required of them By MBO System, draws heavily on their busy time schedule and is not consistent with their roles.

Problems about Goals Setting.

MBO requires issuance of proper , exhaustive guidelines to goal setters The following are difficulties in goals setting:

  1. Positive and active participation from subordinates is not easily forth forthcoming.

  2. Truly verifiable goals are bot easy to formalise

  3. Emphasis is put in short-range goals, whereas long-range goals are avoided, tough long-range goals are vital for growth and development of the organization

  4. Goals remain inflexible and rigid. For example, changes desirable in annual budgets are not easily accepted in the middle of the year.

  5. Over-use of quantitative goals jeopardizes the qualitative aspect which may more important than quantification in some cases.

  6. Goals tend to take orecedebce or priority over the people who use them. Any action is acceptable of it series in the attainment of Gilas, without caring for its impact on people. Thus, all these difficulties come in the way of making management by objectives operational in an organisation. Further, managing involves more than goal setting.

  7. Time-consuming nature of management by objectives. Management by objectives system is time-consuming especially in the early phases of its introduction when employees are unfamiliar with its process.

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  1. 1.mbo makes employees to become rigid and to focus on the agreed objectives at the expense of the other activities of the company.
    2.some set objectives are difficult to measure.

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