Lifestyle segmentation

Lifestyle segmentation is all about the mode of living of the buyers. Products often sold by this approach are cars, women’s clothing, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and furniture. You could have two types of spots where automobile marketing is concerned.
• Small family car emphasizing safety, compactness and economy.
• Sport minded individuals who love maneuverability.
One such approach to measure the segment is through AIO inventories, which is Activities, Interest and Opinions.
You have the following categories under the heads:
• Activities: Work, liking, hobbies, recreation, entertainment, shopping
• Interest: Job, home, food, media, community.
• Opinions: Culture, social issues, politics, education.
By combining the demographic variables along with AIO we could get an example of a lipstick user as:
‘Someone younger, better educated, working woman who is appearance conscious, cosmopolitan and future oriented.’ 
Media selection and advertising content could easily be framed. In addition we can identify likely uses of related products which are consistent with this lifestyle.
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