Integrating Application Cluster into E-Business Architecture E-Business Model

Effectively managing the transformation to a process-centered organization will be critical to the success of the twenty-first-century organization. Every aspect of the modern organization is being transformed by integration of disparate processes. First applied to manufacturing and order fulfillment, the cutting edge of process integration is now found in sales, employee self-service, and customer service. An integrated process view infuses support areas, such as finance and human resources, with a strong customer orientation.

Figure show how all the various application clusters are integrated to form the future model of the twenty-first-century organization. This blueprint is useful because it assists managers in identifying near-term and long-term managers grasp the big picture, so they can set priorities.

Figure also illustrates the underlying premise of e-business design: Companies run on interdependent application clusters. If one application cluster of the company does not function well, the entire customer value delivery system is affected. The world-class enterprise of tomorrow is built on the foundation of world-class application clusters implemented today.

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