Industrial Disputes

“ According to Sec 2 of Industrial Disputes Act 1947, Industrial dispute means any dispute or difference between employers & employers or between employers and workmen or between workmen and workmen, which is connected with the employment or non-employment or terms of employment or with the conditions of labour of any person.”

Industrial disputes are symptoms of industrial unrest. Industrial unrest may take either unorganized or organized from. When it is unorganized it is manifested inform of low morale, low productivity, frustraton etc. organized from of industrial unrest includes strikes, demonstration, gheraos, boycotts etc.


(a) Strikes-

is a very powerful weapons to get its demand accepted by a trade union. It means quitting work by a group of workers for the purpose of bringing pressure on their employers to accept their demands.

There are may types of strikes.

(a) Economic Strike:-

Under this type of strike, members of trade Union stop work to enforce their economic demands such as increase in wages, bonus & other benefits.

(b) Sympathetic Strike:-

When members of a Union collectively stop work to support or express their sympathy with the members of other union who are on strike.

(1) General Strike:-

Means a strike by numbers of all or most of unions in a region or an industry. If may be strike of all workers in a particular region to force demands common to all workers.

(2) Sit Down Strike:-

When workers do not leave their place of work but cases work, they are said to be on sit down or stay in strike.

(3) Slow Down Strike:-

Employers remain on their jobs under this type of strike. They do not stop work but restrict rate of output in an organized manners.


Is declared by employers to put pressure on their workers. It is an act on the part of the employers to close down the place of work until workers agree to resume work on terms & conditions specified by employers.


Denotes a collective action initiated by a group of workers under which members of management of an industrial establishment are prohibited from leaving their business or residential promises by workers who block their through human barricade.

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