Henri Fayol

The Father Of Modern Operational Management Theory

Henri Fayol (1841-1925) a French engineer. His key work was Administration Industrielle et Generale, 1916 He belongs to the Classical School of management theory and was writing and exploring administration and work about same time as F W Taylor in USA.

The real father of modern management theory is the French industrialist Henri Fayol. Although there is little evidence that management scholars, either in England or in the United States, paid much heed to Fayol’s work or knew much about it unit the 1920s or even year later, his acute observations on the principles of general management first appeared in 1916 in French. Although the work of Fayol was brought to the attention of American management scholars in 1923 by Sarah Greer’s translation of one of Fayol’s paper.

Industrial Activates.

Fayol found that activates of an industrial undertaking could be divided into six groups, Technical (production), Commercial (Buying, selling, and exchanging), Financial (Search for and optimum use of capital), Security (Protection of property and persons), Accounting (including Statistics)and Managerial (Planning, Organization, Command, Coordination and control).

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