General Advertising Vs Direct Marketing

General Advertising DM
Reaches a mass of buyers in broad groups, shares common demographic and psycho graphic profile. Sells to individual customers definable by name, address, specific purchases behavior.

Selling a product whose benefits do not include distribution to the customer’s door. Selling a product whose value added lies in distribution to customer’s door.
Time of purchase and amount of purchase in a particular time period is more important.
Medium itself is the market place. It gives comprehensive information to buy the product.
Product is controlled all the way through delivery.
Enquiry generating advertising or order generation advertising is DM (Direct Response ads).

There is a rapid movement towards database marketing where we are targeting the smallest consumer segment- the individual. Database marketing goes by different names – relationship marketing or one-to-one marketing. But it all amounts to keep an individual customer in focus by collecting mountains of information about him and using the same to design a marketing message.

There is a shift from mass market (that vast, undifferentiated body of consumers who received identical messages for mass –produced products) to market segmentation (dividing consumers into homogenous groups with common demographic / psycho graphic characteristics) to still smaller niche marketing, aiming for the smallest consumer segment of all – the individual.