Function Of Human Resource Management

  • Procurement

  • Training

  • Compensation

  • Maintenance

  • Separation

HRP- Stay Plans – Goals

Turn over Rate


Compensation = Job evaluation integration

Maintenance = Both mentally and physically Human Resource should keep save.


Attracts the candidates


  1. Advertisement

  2. HR firms

  3. Notices

  4. Talent pool (casual applicants)

  5. Referrals

  6. Nepotism

  7. Industry

  8. Educational Institution

  9. Directories

  10. Internet


It involves attracting candidates to fill the position in the organizational structure. Before recruiting position requirements must be clearly identified . This makes it easier to select a suitable candidate . Public and private sector has many similarities in recruitment , but there are some differences also . Such as :

  • In public sector , government demands that manager adhere to special hiring guidelines

  • In public sector they have to take competitive tests like CSS examinations

  • In some private organizations they also take written and oral test.

The selection process in private ( government ) sector is not objective and rational .So to overcome this factor and to improve the efficiency of government a better selection process is required.

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