Foundation Of Scientific Research

It is necessary to understand what the term scientific means. Scientific research is focused on the goal of problem solving and pursues a step-by step logical, organized, and rigorous method to identify problems, gather data, analyze them and draw valid conclusions therefrom. Thus, scientific research is not based oh hunches, experience and intuition (though these may play a part in final decision making), but is purposive and rigorous. Because of the rigorous way in which it is done, scientific research enables all those who are interested in researching and learning about the same or similar issues, to do are research and come up with comparable findings. Scientific research also helps researchers to state their findings with accuracy and confidence. This helps various other organizations to apply those solutions when they encounter similar problems. Furthermore, scientific investigations tends to be more objective than subjective, and helps managers to highlight the most critical factors at the work place that nee specific attention so as to avoid, minimize or solve problems. Scientific investigation and managerial decision making are integral aspects of effective problem solving.

The term specific, research applies to both basic and applied research. Applied research may or may not be generalized to other organizations, depending on the extent to which differences exist in such factors as size, nature of work, characteristics of the employees, and structure of the organization. Nevertheless, applied research also has to be an organized and systemic process where problems are carefully identified, data scientifically gathered and analyzed and conclusions drawn in an objective manner for effective problem solving.

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