Five major decisions in developing an advertising program

Advertising is defined as any paid from on non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.

Advertising could be through various media: magazine and newspaper space, radio and television; outdoor displays, direct mail, novelties, catalogs, directories and circulars. And advertising has many purposes, long term buildup of the organizations cooperate image. Long-term build up of a particular brand announcement of a special sale, advocacy of a particular cause and information dissemination about a sale/service of automobile, property etc.

In developing an advertising programmer, marketing managers must always start identifying the target market and buyer motives. The five major decisions in developing an advertising program, known as five Ms-

    1. What are advertising objectives?

    2. How much can be spent?

    3. What media should be used

    4. what message should be spent

    5. How should the result be evaluated

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