Evolution & History of Advertising Agency

Volney B Palmerir?t=vishaalslair 20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B0006WAMXM in Philadelphia started the first Ad agency as a space broker in 1841. He acted as a simple agent, selling space for his client newspaper on a commission basis. He made no effort to help the advertiser prepare copy, design a layout and provide the many specialized services now performed by a modern agency.

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Since then, the nature of an agency has changed considerably, but the method of compensation in the form or a fixed percentage of advertising billing continues in spite of the inherent defect of the system, for the agency generally recommends only a higher media budget than may be appropriate.

It was only by the beginning of this century that the agency started to prepare advertisements and deliver them through the advertisements media. Lord and Thomas was probably the first agency in the USA, with a reputation for creative work in advertising. It hired copywriters, who did a marvelous job. One of the famous advertisement deliveries of this agency was for a new washing machine. Other agencies also started adopting the new services; and soon many advertisement agencies had established departments for copywriting, artwork, layout design, media selection, etc.

Over the next several decades, the advertisement agency improved the quality of its services, besides offering additional new services at extra charge. Agency growth has never looked back since then It has grown in size and influence through the years, demonstrating an ability to create effective advertising. Towards the end of the first half of this century, there were several large agencies offering a full range of advertising services. They produced effective advertisements by taking into account consumer psychology and human needs and wants. Creative advertising appeals effectively influenced consumers to buy the advertised products and services. In fact, advertising at this stage, became a part of the overall marketing mix, furthering the sales and marketing strategy.
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An advertising agency is shortened as ad agency. Ad agency is a team of experts appointed by clients to plan, produce and place advertising campaigns in the media.

They are called agencies, because literally they are agents of the media who pay them the commission, and the media thus becomes the principal. Media pays commission to only accredited agencies (INS accreditation), The agency works for the client, but draws its sustenance from the media (nearly 75 p.c.).

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