Evaluating the major channel alternatives:-

Each channel alternative needs to be evaluated against economic, control and adaptive criteria.

Economic criteria:- Each channel alternative will produce a different level of sales and cost. Company sales representatives concentrate entirely on the company’s products; they are better trained to sell the company’s products, they are more aggressive because their future depends on the company’s success on the other hand, sales agency could comically sell more than a company sales force. The sales agency has more number of sales representatives and secondly, sales agency has better knowledge of the geographical area in which he is operating

Control criteria:- Channel evolution has to include control issues. Using a sales agency poses a control problem. A sale

agency is an independent business firm seeking to maximize its profits. The agents may concentrate on the customers who buy the most, not necessarily of the manufactures goods. Further, the agent might not master the technical details of the company’s product or handle its promotion materials effectively.

Adaptive Criteria:- Each channel involves some duration of commitment and loss of flexibility. A manufactures seeking a sales agency might have to offer a five year contact. During this period, other means of selling such as direct mail might become more effective, but the manufactures is not free to drop the sales agency. A channel required a long commitment needs to be greatly superior on economic or control grounds to be considered.

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