Esteem needs in Advertising

Esteem needs are of two types: one, those which are related to how a person sees himself reflected in his personal achievement and self-confidence; and, second, those which are related to how, he believes, others see him. How others see him is reflected in the attention and recognition he receives from others as well as his reputation and prestige among other people.
Serape Costume, Red, Medium 
Suiting ads of Vimal, Dinesh and Digjam aim at increasing the self-confidence of the user. The jewellery ads of Tribhovandas in Mumbai stress the prestige you can enjoy by using such expensive jewellery. Advertising of any product, which can increase the self-confidence, and self-worth of those who use it makes this appeal – the satisfaction of the self-esteem need.

Many ads use the prestige appeal, which the user of such advertised products will enjoy.